Seven investments in the amount of 391 million euros were announced.

Investments in the amount of 391 million euros will create 406 new jobs.

The majority of the projects are industrial projects that will be located in the interior regions of the country.

The investments range from wood pulp (€ 29 million and 71 jobs), wood transformation by Luso Finsa (€ 37.6 million and 35 jobs), agro-foods by Brieftime (€4.1 million and 40 jobs), alcohol ethylic production by Aaditya (98 jobs) and mining by Almina (€44.9 million and 20 jobs).

The biggest investment, by Atlantikfuror, will be located in Sines to support the oil industry (€226 million and 150 jobs).

Atlantikfuror is a service provider to companies with offshore operations, mainly in the oil, gas and renewable’s industries.

Source: Expresso

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