Portuguese ‘online’ public services in the top-3 among 33 countries

Portugal ranked in the top 3 according to the ‘European e-Government Benchmark’.

This European evaluation, that takes place every year, was based on 2013 data and places Portugal on the top positions for 3 out of the 4 criteria evaluated.

Regarding the different criteria Portugal ranked 2nd on “user centric eGovernment”, 3rd on both “transparent eGovernment” and “key IT facilitators”.

On “trans-border mobility” the country ranked 8th when it comes to servives provided to companies (72% vs 53% to European average). Portugal also had a very good performance n specific criteria like “creation of own business” (ranked 3rd); “change of residence /country” (ranked 4th); “regular business tasks/operations” (ranked 5th)



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