Portugal is a favorite destination for young Latin American students

Portuguese Universities are receiving foreign students mainly from Brazil and Colombia.

The quality of the schools, the language proximity, the cultural diversity and the welcoming attitude of the Portuguese are some of the factors that are contributing for an ever-growing number of Latin American choosing Portugal to complete their University studies.

“I wanted to both learn a language and complete a Master’s degree and here I achieved both objectives. The language was easier and the costs more accessible”, said Manuel Salcedo from Colombia who got a Master in  Marketing from ISEG (Economics and Management School in Lisbon).

After graduating in management, Manuel was working for the Falabella Bank when he decided to benefit from the arguments offered by Portugal. “The people, the culture, the food, the good weather during most of the year, the tranquility and security” also contributed to surpass his expectations.

“People respect the cultural differences and always try to help; that’s something we have in common.

All these variables contribute to the arrival in Portugal of many students. To respond to that Portuguese Universities created specific programs that favor the enrollment of foreign students, mainly from Brazil and Colombia.

More than just the technical competences the job market values professionals “that have been emerged in other cultures, have language skills and are able to explore different ways of solving problems” says José Victor from IST (Engineering School of Lisbon). “For that is essential to create a diversified international ecosystem as an integral part of the education”

Considered one of the most prestigious engineering schools in Europe, IST is one of the local universities that offers post-grad and PhD degrees in English

José Machado, responsible for Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE), one of the most sought after schools by foreign students, mentions “ the fact that the students learn Portuguese while they take classes in English is a plus”.

Aware of the advantages of exposing students to a foreign culture Prebuild, a Portuguese industrial group present in Colombia, is bringing 20 students with a scholarship to study at Catholic University.

Source: El Tiempo

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