Portugal biggest foreign investor in Mozambique in 2014

Portugal topped the list of foreign investors in Mozambique in the first half of the year, with a total of US$248.8 million, accounting for 40.1 percent of investments approved by the Centre for Investment Promotion (CPI), which totaled US$618.9 million.

Against the first quarter of the previous year, when Portugal was also the biggest foreign investor in the country, investment by Portuguese companies rose from US$204.2 million to US$248.2 million, according to information provided by the CPI.

Mauritius, with US$82.2 million, the United Arab Emirates (US$54.8 million), the United Kingdom (US$54.6 million), South Africa (US$47.1 million), China (US$41.08 million), Belarus (US$12.05 million), Kenya (US$9.5 million), Italy (US$9.3 million) and France (US$8.6 million), along with Portugal were the top 10 foreign investors in the country.

Source: MacauHub

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