PORTUGAL Awarded 2014 FDI Association Destination for the Future for Water Intensive Industries

The FDI Association presented its second annual Foreign Direct Investment Awards in June at the World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment 2014, held at the Union League of Philadelphia.

This year’s awards recognise excellence in three categories of foreign direct investment activity: FDI Destination of the Future for Energy-Intensive Industries, FDI Destination of the Future for Water-Intensive Industries and FDI Website of the Year.

Nominations from around the world were accepted and evaluated during the month of May by a panel of distinguished global site consultants. Presenting the awards were Barry Johnson, newly elected Chairman of the FDI Association and Wilfred Muskens, Deputy Secretary for International Business Development at the Pennsylvania Dept. of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and host of the WORLD FORUM for Foreign Direct Investment 2014.

The FDI Award winners for 2014 are as follows:
FDI Website of the Year
1. London & Partners
2. InvestHK (Hong Kong) and Invest Czech Republic
3. Invest KL (Malaysia) and City of Virginia Beach, Va.

FDI Destination of the Future for Energy-Intensive Industrie
1. Pennsylvania
2. Ontario
3. City of Sheffield (UK) and City of Ostersund (Sweden)

FDI Destination of the Future for Water-Intensive Industries
1. Portugal
2. Baton Rouge
3. Chicago

“The second annual FDI Association Awards recognise the achievements of countries or regions that have made an effort to meet the needs of foreign investors,” said Jason Hickey, president of Hickey & Associates LLC and a member of the judging panel. “Companies are increasingly aware of energy costs and water shortages and their quest for sustainable solutions leads them to locations that have adapted their natural resources or local environment to meet these criteria. Likewise, in this age of speed, we honour the efforts of territories that have created efficient websites that amass, organise and make accessible the information that investors need when studying a new potential operating environment.”

“This year’s awards, presented at the WORLD FORUM for Foreign Direct Investment, serve to reinforce the programme content of the event which included sessions on energy- and water-intensive industries with panellists from Iceland, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Denmark and the USA”,” said Camilla Sharp, vice president, Red Hot Locations, organiser of the WORLD FORUM. “I am delighted for this year’s winners that their awards were presented immediately following debates on the very issues for which they have won acclaim.”

London-based Red Hot Locations is a division of Conway Data, an international publishing, consulting and association management company headquartered in Atlanta. Conway also owns and manages Berlin-based FDI advisory firm Terrain Consulting; New York-based The PONT Group, a leading PR and lead-generation firm; economic development education and research organization the Janus Institute; and manages the Industrial Asset Management Council and the FDI Association.

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