Portugal awarded 17 stars Michelin – an absolute record

Portugal has now 17 stars in the 2015 edition of the Michelin Guide. Fourteen Portuguese restaurants have been prized, three of them with two stars (Belcanto in Lisbon and Ocean and Vila Joya in Algarve).

Belcanto restaurant, being awarded two stars was the highpoint for Portugal in a Gala that joined in Marbella the best of the best of high cuisine from the Iberian Peninsula.

José Avillez became the first-ever Portuguese chef to earn two stars Michelin and Belcanto the first restaurant to receive such a distinction in Lisbon.
“I am very happy, for me, for my team, for the city and for my country. We are making history. This is hard work, but it pays. Even if we had not won the second star, it pays because we have very happy customers” said Avillez.
Further north the big feature goes to the restaurant of Pedro Lemos, located in Foz Velha (Porto), that was awarded its first star.

The international Director of the Michelin guide – a world reference in the rating of restaurants – pointed Portugal and Spain as two of the most dynamic gastronomic destinations in the world (183 restaurants in the Iberian Península were awarded stars Michelin – a new record).

Source: Obervador

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