Mota Engil Wins Sizable Tourism Project in Mexico

Mota-Engil’s President, António Mota, announced the company has been awarded a sizable contract to build a tourism development in Mexico. The project will run through the next ten years and involves around 1,500 million dollars (€ 1,330 million).

The announcement was made in Guadalajara during a visit of a Portuguese delegation to Mexico led by the Vice-PM of Portugal, Paulo Portas and the Minister of the Economy.

Mota-Engil will be developing the project throughout the following 10 years, jointly with a group of local partners and the Tourism of Mexico. The works will involve all the development’s infrastructures and the construction of 4 Hotels that will be franchised.

Still according to Mr. António Mota, “this is a sizable investment with a big impact in the country. The works will start in early 2015, in Nayarit the closest beach to Guadalajara”.

Source: AICEP

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