Molaflex invests half a million euros to increase production capacity

Molaflex, a pioneer in the production of springboard mattresses and market leader in Portugal is investing half a million euros to increase its production capacity and is also hiring new workers. The objective is to reach an annual production of 210/220 thousand mattresses and sales revenues of 21 million euros.

Molaflex, a company that belongs to the group Faurecia, uses 95% of Portuguese raw materials, performs its own R&D and is managed by a Portuguese team.

Two examples of the innovative R&D developed by Molaflex are the viscous gel that better distributes warmth throughout the mattress and the bio-ceramics that utilize the heat generated by the body to produce infra-reds that improve the bloodstream and contribute to body tissues renovation.

In addition to the traditional export markets like Spain, France, Switzerland and Angola the company has recently added new destinations like Mozambique, Algeria and Morocco.

Source: DN

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