Lisbon fairs strongly in the “Global Survey on the Status of Smart Cities”

A survey that polled more than 2,000 people in 234 cities and 32 countries, asking their opinions on the services provided by their cities and suggestions on how they might be improved, has concluded that Lisbon is among the best cities in the world to live.

According to the respondents interviewed last spring, by researchers from the Indra consultancy and technology firm, the Portuguese capital ranked quite high.

The city excelled in the security category, where it got its highest score.

The interviewed were asked how long they spent commuting to work, their perception of security in their own cities, the response to emergency situations, healthcare service quality and cleanliness.

While the average time spent commuting to work stood at 46 minutes, in Lisbon the average time was 26 minutes.

In matters of sustainability and energy efficiency, participants called for a more extensive use of renewable energy sources, meters to show daily energy consumption, incentives for energy efficiency and the replacement of street lighting with LED systems and sensors.

The suggestions to improve mobility were also striking, including the use of technology to reduce the number of vehicles searching for parking spaces, having buses run on time and more frequently, improving traffic signal synchronization and promoting public-private intermodal transport.

Lisbon scored above the global average for all services, with security perception ranking highest (7.5) and e-Governance lowest (5.5). Barcelona showed similar results, with all services also ranking above average. Security recorded the best score (7.2), while e-governance got the worst (5.7).
At the other extreme were cities such as Mexico City, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota and even Rome, where the majority of services came in below the global average.

Source:  TPN

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