Private Equity & Select Direct Investment Opportunities – Investment Executive Day – Porto 2014
Like Portugal Business Club supported the participation of 5 Portuguese start-ups in the Investment Executive Day, organized by Singularis Advisors, that brought to Porto a group of foreign investors.

With this initiative the LP Business Club reinforced its mission of promoting Portugal as a destination for foreign investment and of serving as a facilitator to the conclusion of business opportunities. Like Portugal Business Club made it possible to local start ups to present their projects and gave them the opportunity to try to raise capital from investors that came from Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Luxembourg, UK, Singapore, Czech Republic and several countries from the Gulf Region.

The share of graduates becoming entrepreneurs is important thanks to the top quality talent emerging from business and engineering universities across the continent. This was quite visible in the projects presented that originated from a wide range of sectors like banking, tourism, health design and transportation.

Rewind Cities – turning the past into present
Jane Kirkby

Rewind Cities is a ‘true pocket time machine’. Through its device the user can travel to the past of the city, to the past of a building, a place, or even a statue. We use augmented reality to overlap the reality that the user is watching on his device – that can be a smartphone or a tablet – with historical images, movies, or 3-D animations.

Modern cash management solutions
Pedro Mourato Gordo from g3p technologies.
g3p technologies is a technological company specialized in cash management.
Eliminating fraud inside and outside the companies. Also looking for increased efficiency. Companies spend quite a lot of money regarding their cash management process, and they are looking to increase the efficiency, so they want to reduce administrative tasks, they want to save time and man power. They want to introduce automation into this process.

Redesigning innovative consumer electronic products
Tiago Venda Morgado & Ricardo Roque from EGG Electronics.

Egg Electronics is a start-up company. It was founded a year and a half ago, and the main goal is to design and produce beautiful objects to charge devices like tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops and cameras.

SMARTeye – medical robot for targeted biopsies
Helena Reis at IN+ Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research.

SMARTeye robot will increase the diagnosis accuracy, will allow to choose more adequate treatments with less side effects and economic costs, and above all, improving patient quality of life.
SMARTeye is a new medical robot developed to meet an urgent need in the management of prostate cancer. SMARTeye is based on a robot-assisted and ultra-sound guided navigation system.

A new generation of profitable high-speed trains
José Maria C.S. André, Professor in the Mechanical Eng. Dept. at Institute of Technology, University of Lisbon.

How can innovative technology bring new life to high-speed trains? High-speed trains need a new life. Right now, they are too inflexible and too expensive. The idea is to replace the not very frequent high-capacity trains, by a fleet of smaller trains much more frequent. This changes not only the commercial offer but also the technological approach.

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