Investment: Microsoft reinforces its “bet” on Portugal

The Minister of the Economy, António Pires de Lima, emphasized the commitment of Microsoft to Portugal, a “destination of reference” for business opportunities in the ICT sector.

Still quoting the Minister, “Portugal wants to compete based on the excellence of its human resources and their productivity and not centered on low costs”.

Microsoft Portugal will be expanding its “cloud” support center in Portugal, creating 200 new jobs in 2015.

According to João Couto, General Manager of Microsoft Portugal, the investment, “mainly in human capital”, will entail €2.5 million in the first year reaching €7.5 million in a period of 3 years. “Microsoft Portugal is quite pleased with this new investment that will be quite important to positioning Portugal in the digital economy map as a credible alternative for the development of a cloud center”, added João Couto.

In addition to the cloud support center and near shore services (transfer of business processes and projects to neighboring countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa) the investment also comprises a R&D center for voice recognition technologies that will be incorporated in Microsoft’s search engines. This work will be performed in cooperation with key Universities in Portugal.

A close cooperation between the Government and Microsoft to develop a National Strategy for Cloud Computing will take place. This strategy will enable costs reductions, and gains in efficiency, productivity and quality of the public services provided.

Source: Lusa

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