Miguel Frasquilho, President of AICEP, and Zhang Peng, Vice-President of Huawei Public Affairs & Communication Department, met at the China’s People Palace and signed an MoU in the presence of Cavaco Silva, the President of Portuguese Republic and Xi Jinping, the President of China.

The Memorandum signed by both parties establishes a partnership for the development and implementation of an annual training for Portuguese university students, in the areas of ICT funded entirely by Huawei. This program will be open to high performing students who are completing their studies at key universities in Portugal in the areas of Informatics, Electronics and Telecommunications and who aim to work in the field of telecommunications and technology research. One successful local educational project launched in 2014, the Huawei Smartbus, included the launch of an interactive bus converted into a classroom that was equipped with smartphones and tablets to teach younger generations how to use the ICT instruments in a safe way.

Over a one-month period, the Smartbus educated 4200 students and 235 teachers across a number of schools within the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto. Huawei will continue to invest in business development and raising awareness of its presence in Portugal, as well as further contributing to establishing a positive wireless user experience for Portuguese citizens.


Source: Portugalnews

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