HOOK BIZ – The Portuguese Facebook to companies

To send messages, to share experiences, to network, to create groups between companies; Hook Biz is a kind of Portuguese business Facebook launched in October 2013. The project has over 1,000 users from 50 countries, namely Mozambique, Indonesia, USA, China, Bahamas among others.

The objective of Ricardo Oitáven, the founder, is to revolutionize the form how companies communicate and share projects; he wants to be the biggest social network in the world for business between SMEs.

How does he intend to differentiate? The operating mode will focus on demand and not supply. Meaning that companies will post demand proposals in the site and will be contacted by potential suppliers. With this kind of dynamics the startup expects to reinforce the links of trust and proximity between organizations.

“The new business dynamics brought different types of challenges to companies, in particular to SMEs. Sometimes we can’t see the return of commercial teams or of outsourced services” explains Ricardo. The idea came about while thinking of companies that want to maximize their resources without compromising their efforts to search for new business opportunities.

How does it work? The company creates its own profile in the net, with information about its activity, contacts, links and the potential suppliers can then send a proposal through the platform. On a initial stage, Hook Biz’s team will support the users in their research for the best proposals identifying potential suppliers for the demanded services. Hook Biz does not charge any type of commission for the deals completed.

This network is available in five languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Dutch and serves different types of activities.

“On Hook Biz it is possible to find the Brazilian marketing company Global Market, an Indonesian technology company like Fusi Global Teknologi, Adding Talent in Angola or even Argen de Nevis LLC in the US” states the company on a press release.

Source: Observador

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