Finishes from AW Energy are going to invest 25 million in waves energy in Peniche

The Finish company, AW Energy, announced that they will be investing €25 million in the construction of a park for the production of energy generated by the waves.

John Lilijelund, Executive President of the company, said in an interview to Lusa that the investment, co-sponsored in the amount of € 9.1 million by the EU, will involve the construction, assembling and installation at the bottom of the sea of 16 machines (350 kilowatts each – total of 5.6 megawatts).

The same source announced that AW Energy is going to install “wave roller” technology in two phases so that it can potentiate production capacity. The company anticipates that in 2016/2017 they will initiate the commercial phase of the project.

Source: Diário Económico

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