Embraer tries to bring to Évora the future of its commercial planes

The 3 planes of the E2 jets family are expected to reach the market in 2018 and they represent a strong bet of Embraer in the future.

Évora might be responsible for the manufacturing of a number of components for the new generation planes. According to Mauro Kern, Vice President of the Brazilian manufacturer “We intend to bring the manufacturing of some significant structures to Évora. That make sense if we consider the size of the planes and its complex structures and the perfect fit with Évora’s technological competences.

Embraer’s new generation of commercial planes, the E2, will include 3 different models: the E175-E2, with a flight range of 3,556 kms and between 80 and 88 seats; the E190-E2, with a flight range of 5,186 Kms and 97 to 106 seats; and the E195-E2, with an autonomy of 3,704 and 118 to 132 seats. The planes are expected to be in the market in 2018.

Kern mentioned that these planes will be “very important to Embrear” and he expects “a reinforcement of Embraer’s position in the commercial planes industry in the forthcoming future. Being Évora our center of excellence for structures we are considering to manufacture there important components for these planes”.

The Brazilian airplanes manufacturer has an important presence in Portugal. In addition to OGMA, acquired through a privatization that took place in 2005, Embraer opened two manufacturing plants in Évora, in an investment that involved approximately €180 million. Those plants have been manufacturing components for the executive plane Legacy 500 and to the military plane KC-390.

“Portugal is one of the major partners of this plane (KC-390) and we want to see it flying through the European skies” said Kern to the news agency Lusa.

Embraer’s VP also talked about OGMA mentioning the very positive results achieved so far.

“Today, Portugal is a big partner, a strategic partner to Embraer”, justifying that way the company’s decision to “in the future to increasingly rely on the excellence centers in Portugal. The big structures are manufactured in Portugal and the company is also starting to do R&D in the country” concluded Mauro Kern.


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