British pick Portugal as the best tourism destination

Portugal was elected by British tourists as the best destination to go on vacation. The survey, conducted by Schofields insurance company, evaluated issues like accommodations, food, entertainment, hospitality and leisure activities in general.

The study involved 2,614 tourists that took vacations in the last 12 months. The respondents were asked to evaluate five European destinations of excellence – Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and the UK. Portugal ranked 1st in the preferences of the British with a score of 41 out of 50 points.

According to the Daily Mail Portugal scored 9/10 on accommodations, 8/10 in gastronomy, 7/10 on entertainment, 8/10 in hospitality and 9/10 on leisure activities.

According to Phil Schofield, responsible for Schofields Holiday Home Insurance, “Portugal appears to be the Bristish preferred destination”. “The interesting part is that accommodation seems to be the variable to which travelers give more importance”.

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