The cars manufactured in Portugal registered a year on year growth of 17.8% (from January to April 2014). During that same period VW Autoeuropa, Peugeot-Citroen, Mitsubishi Fuso and Toyota Caetano manufactured 60,817 vehicles of which 59,032 were exported (exports growth of 17%). In 2013, the auto sector exports reached €6,7 billion (14,2% of total exports). The main components exported were tires (€852 million in 2013), assembling components (€635 million), car radios (€526 million). In 2013, the German group Continental reached sales of €1.043 billion with exports accounting for 98% of those sales. Renault, that manufactures in Portugal water and oil pumps as well as gear boxes, exported its products to a broad range of countries that includes Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, the Nissan plants in the UK and of course France. In 2013 exports reached €280 million (4,8% increase by comparison with 2012). For the auto sector in general – vehicles and components – Germany is the main export destination in the EU while China and Angola are the main destinations outside of the European zone.

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