According to the NYT, Portuguese Tiles are of the 12 Treasures of Europe

The incomparable light and the ever visible Tagus river renders Lisbon a city that pleases its visitors.

Now, The New York Times highlights another treasure of the city.

The Portuguese ceramic tiles are also a plus whenever the tourists stroll through Lisbon’s streets.

According to the NYT the ceramic tiles make Portugal the “bluest” country in the World. “The blue skies and the Atlantic Ocean embrace the land. The blue moods of the Fado (…) And, all across Portugal, the typically blue designs of “azulejos” – the ceramic tiles (…)” writes the journalist, that underscores the variety of tiles that decorate “churches, monasteries, castels, palaces, university halls, train stations, hotel lobbies and the façade of buildings”.

The result is an embellished land of Christian saints, biblical episodes, Portuguese kings, historical glories, pastoral idylls, aristocrats at leisure, landscapes, seascapes, floral designs and, above all, geometric motifs.

Source: Dinheiro Vivo

Photo: New York Times – LISBON | Solar, a nearly 60-year-old tile specialist and antique dealer. Credit Solar

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