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“If you have any chance like me, to have a nice job and a nice place to live, Portugal is the place to be”.

A fantastic place to live

“Lisbon is a very secure city… very good level of security for your children, for your family and for the people who are working here” Pierre Debourdeau Managing Partner, Eurogroup Consulting Portugal

7 reasons to retire in Lisbon by John Malkovich

The ultimate pension freedom: Retire in Portugal and reduce your tax

It is the ultimate dream for many people – to work hard, build up a nest egg and retire abroad to a climate with year-round sunshine. Now there is an added financial motive to move overseas. The new pension freedoms will allow you to move abroad, take your hard-earned savings with you – and potentially escape some […]

Portugal in the running for global talent

“In the area of immigration policy I considered of the upmost importance to position Portugal in the running for global talent”. “we need to make it clear that these incentive systems are open to everybody, regardless of their nationality, as long as they have ideas, projects, talent and willingness”.   PEDRO LOMBA – DEPUTY SECRETARY […]

Lisbon Startup City

  Why did they decide to start their business in Lisbon? Claire Chung, Chinese American, Shangpin.com Ekaterina Zhilina, Russian, Matrioshka.biz Mariano Kostelec, Argentinian, Uniplaces.com Jesse Biroscak, American, Briiefly.com Nitin Puri, Indian, Annecto.eu Saurabh Khanna, Indian, Annecto.eu Alisson Ávila, Brazilian, Wearecouture.com

Monocle Magazine chose Portugal to host its Quality of Life Conference.

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