Rafael Domenech – Chief Enonomist BBVA Research

“Structural reforma are allowing for an increase in competitiveness… an increase in the doing business rankings – it’s easier to start a business in Portugal – and an increase in productivity”.

António Saraiva – CIP

“We are a country with unique conditions to offer. Companies can take advantage of European programs like Europe 2020 and the Juncker Plan, the tax code reform and all the other reforms implemented during the last three years.”

Augusto Mateus – President at Augusto Mateus & Associados

” it is not just the looking outwards but rather going abroad with our values, our aptitudes, our competences and the appreciation of our strengths, with our new specialisation”.

João Alves – EY Country Managing Partner

“Portugal also has, today, a very attractive tax regime. Corporation taxes have been decreasing in the last few years and according to the Government’s plans they will decrease further in the coming years, making Portugal even more competitive advantageous in terms of tax regime”.  

AICEP – Miguel Frasquilho, CEO and Chairman

“A lot has been done, in terms of labor law, justice, fiscal policy, namely the corporate tax, the reduction of bureaucracy, all these things linked with our strategic positioning and the fact that Portugal regained its international credibility and it is seen as a country that honours its commitments, leads me to conclude, without many doubts, that this is the moment to invest in Portugal.”

Ângelo Correia – CCIAP

“The Arab world is going to need in the next few years, if it doesn’t need already, to constitute strategic food stocks. Portugal, in its own territory and through the close relationship we have with some African countries, can be the ideal partner. ”

Tiago Pitta e Cunha – Partner & CEO at OceanVision

“Portugal is becoming, more and more, a country in the map of the worldwide blue economy”  

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