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Looking at the available data we believe that Portugal already presents compelling arguments for potential investors – education and skills, qualified labor availability, infrastructure, cost of real estate, R&D capability, access to Portuguese speaking countries, just to mention a few.

Still, a large number of the sweeping structural reforms that took place in the country are not yet reflected in international benchmark studies.

That’s why, after checking some of the facts presented, we invite to you to get in touch and to discover with us, Portugal now.


"I find it very easy to do business in Portugal" "For them the question of the geographic position was a key point because the plant was to make products for the States, the American continent and Europe too."

Portugal is a strategic gateway to the EU as well as the launching platform for African and South American Portuguese speaking countries.

With an economy that had the fastest growth in the Eurozone in the last quarter of 2013 (1.6% – Year on year growth)

A jobless rate that fell for the 3rd consecutive quarter to 15.4% at the end of December 2013

One of the lowest inflation rates in the Eurozone

And a stunning performance on exports that now account to 41% of national output compared with 28% in 2008

“Portugal as gateway to those emerging markets” (Angola, Brazil, Mozambique)

Portugal: shifting down a gear – Economic Analysis BBVA Research – Miguel Jiménez / Agustín García / Massimo Trento / Josep Amer


Corporate tax rate declining and strengthening incentives – by Carlos Lobo – EY Portugal Tax Leader  

A major overhaul of the corporate tax code reduced the tax rate and simplified processes, contributing, therefore, to improving Portugal’s competitiveness.

Portugal ranks quite favorably when compared with major European competitors.


“The best result from this initiative was the number of spin-off projects that were born from this one, with Embraer and with other companies" Rui Marcelino - Chairman of the Board of Directors at PEMAS

A recently published European Union report shows that Portugal was the EU country where innovation grew at a faster pace.

With a sound base of scientific research institutions.

Filled with a new generation of scientists and engineers.

That bring together universities and industry.


With a world class infrastructure, Portugal ensures accessibility to all points of the Globe.

Portugal ensures connectivity of people and firms (telecom, IT, etc.)

Portugal’s Networked Readiness in a Nutshell.

Portugal generates the energy to do business in a sustainable way.

Educations & Skills

During the last three to four years we were contacted by companies that wanted to start their operations in Portugal on a daily basis, for consulting services and recruitment. We are talking about companies that were not looking for low qualifications but rather of companies that export technology or of niche companies that need highly qualified personnel. Our idea, at Adecco, is to continue and reinforce our position in Portugal focusing more on quality services and not as much on quantity., but to continue in Portugal with investment. David Sanglas

With a public expenditure of 6.5% of the GDP, Portugal ranks as one of the countries that most invests on education

In 2013, over 371,000 students enrolled in Universities across Portugal.

Approximately 45% of total first University degrees are in science and engineering.

In addition, according to the FT Yearly Ranking, Portugal has 3 Universities in the top 75 Best Business Schools – Catholic University (25), Nova University (36) and Porto University (66)

Portugal offers readily available information technology skills.

Portugal offers readily available qualified engineers.

Portugal performs soundly on English skills.

… And meets the needs of enterprises on language skills

Portugal has developed a strong multi language capability with over 100,000 native speakers of the following nationalities.

“…the ability to attract young people.. good business and technical skills… the ability to speak English”

Wages & Salaries

Portugal remains one of the most cost competitive countries in Europe.

While continues to make gains in productivity

And, with an annual average of 1691 hours actually worked per worker, positions itself as one of the hardest working countries in Europe.

Real Estate

"Portugal is a fantastic destination. It’s an inexpensive destination, secure, has a great quality of living and then it’s a friendly destination where people are truly tender, they welcome well." Beatriz Rubio Remax Portugal CEO

In recent years Portugal increased its competitiveness on office rental and occupancy costs

With prime industrial rents remaining quite stable

And with a retail market recovery, starting at the end of 2013, continued through first half 2014.

The hotel sector continued to post positive performance levels across first half 2014, with the main domestic indicators once again hitting new year-on-year highs.  

Cost Of Living

“.. of all the choices you have in Europe, Lisbon is clearly one of the best to live in..”

Portugal is one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe.


Ease of Doing Business

Portugal is a country where business can be peacefully conducted…

Where foreign investors are free to conduct business

A country that excels at integrating immigrants

  Portugal: the competitiveness agenda – Jorge Nunes – EY Portugal Advisory Leader    

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