About Like Portugal

Welcome to Portugal, a country with solid, innovative projects, which attract attention and investors from around the world. Approximately one year ago, driven by a sincere conviction that Portugal is a good location to do business and to grow, we presented the initiative like Portugal. Encouraged by the success of the project and supported by a core group of founders – brought together through a non-profit association – Like Portugal is now entering a new stage. With a simple and clear mission of communicating Portugal’s actuality through facts, testimonials of companies and people as well as by means of a myriad of stories of achievement, we intend to give voice to success in Portugal. We also want to serve as a platform to amplify contacts, opportunities and solutions to all of those considering investing, working and living in Portugal. To accomplish these objectives the scope of initiatives has been broadened through the launch of an app and a site that will showcase some of Portugal’s attractiveness arguments. Explore…. Get in touch… Think of Like Portugal as your networking window to invest and grow in Portugal.

Like Portugal the Place to Grow

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